5 Proven Reasons to be More Positive With Your Team

In The Power of Positive Leadership Jon Gordon wrote, “Optimism, positivity, and belief are the fuel that positive leaders need to keep moving forward and drive results.” Whether you agree or not, it is hard to deny that athletes play better when they’re having fun, enjoying the moment, and are surrounded by people they genuinely love.

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Is It Better to Be a Supportive or Demanding Coach?

Coaching is like parenting in that it’s largely based on past experiences. You may choose to copy the best coaches you’ve seen and do the opposite of the worst. Perhaps you’ve had some good mentors along the way. Regardless, many coaches tend to be either more supportive or more demanding. Which category do you align with? More importantly, which gets the best results?

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How to Overcome the Confirmation Bias

Our brains filter information 24/7. Some information makes it to our consciousness, some doesn’t. Some information we believe. Other we dismiss. A hidden process in our brains causes us to make assumptions, judgements, and decisions without having all the information. It is called the confirmation bias.

4 Powerful Ways to Prevent Burnout

Burnout is rampant. Americans, especially, are working more hours than ever and sleeping less than ever before. Sadly, the United States is the only developed country that doesn’t guarantee workers paid vacation. Burnout seems inevitable. Indeed, it is a worldwide issue. However, burnout is NOT a foregone conclusion and you CAN proactively buffer yourself from it.

Increase Job Satisfaction By Grasping 4 Powerful Truths

More than half of Americans are dissatisfied in their work, according to a recent survey by the Conference Board, a New York based nonprofit. Work can be stressful, frustrating and exhausting. If we are going to spend the majority of our waking hours working, wouldn’t it be nice to make them as purposeful, satisfying and productive as possible? How on earth are we supposed to do that?