How to Accomplish Your Goals: Avoid 8 Common Mistakes

Nearly half of Americans will embark on a new set of goals this week (i.e. New Year’s Resolutions). According to the stats, the vast majority of people who make resolutions will fail to reach their goals – 92%. Furthermore, 24% fall short year after year. That reminds me of the definition of insanity (doing the same thing and expecting different results). Are you one of these people? If so, you likely have a flaw in your achievement strategy. If you’ve struggled to achieve your goals, allow me to show you how to overcome the most common stumbling blocks. 

How to Get Your Goals Back on Track

How are you feeling about your goals for the year? Are you on track? In reviewing my goals for 2015, I have gotten completely off track on a few of them. My guess is, I’m not alone. Why do we get off track with our goals? Join me as I attempt to evaluate my goals and get back on track. 

How to Maintain Your Momentum Using a Goal Progress Review

And Increase Follow-Through to Achieve Your Goals

Do you feel satisfied in the progress you’re making on your goals? Like many of you, each new year I set my sights on next steps, progress, growth and achievements. I set BIG, scary goals. However, setting goals isn’t the hard part. Following through is.

Only 46% of Americans who set goals at the beginning of the year make it past 6 months. Establishing a goal review process can greatly increase your chances of following through on those lofty intentions.

How to Conserve Willpower & Boost Goal Achievement with Implementation Intentions

Why is it that only 8% of people fulfill their New Year’s Resolutions? Recent research on willpower sheds light on why we struggle. More importantly, it also points us to one profound tactic that can help us take control, follow-through and actually achieve our goals.

Take Your Goal Setting to the Next Level with Personalized Visuals

I hate when I fail to achieve my goals. Don’t you? We often start a new year with new goals, feeling energized and hopeful. Then, by February, we’re into our old rhythms, overcome by busyness and left with little time to focus on the goals that seemed so important a month ago. Why do we lose focus? More importantly, how can we keep that from happening again? 

Stick With It: 4 Lessons For Achieving Smaller Goals

In the past, I’ve struggled to follow through on smaller goals, especially over time. I didn’t really learn to play the guitar. I’m not fluent in Spanish. For the big goals, I’m more likely to put in the time to develop a thorough plan, map it out and also to reach my goal. But, for me, it’s the little ones that slip away. Maybe you have struggled to achieve some smaller goals too.

Juice It and Toss It: How To Redefine And Grow From Failure

“When achievers fail, they see it as a momentary event, not a lifelong epidemic,” stated John Maxwell in his book, Failing Forward. This is a mindset we desperately need in our culture today, whereas we see failure as akin to some kind of plague. Parents go to great lengths to protect their children from failure. Our education system forces teachers to do everything except lie to protect students from failing a class.

We easily forget the failures of many famous names: Abraham Lincoln, Michael Jordan, Walt Disney, Steve Jobs. These achievers didn’t let their failures define them and went on to great success. Are we dealing with failure all wrong? How can we capitalize on our failures to spur future success?

One Word You Never Want to Leave Off Items On Your To-Do List

Spring is almost here for those of us in the four-season-belt of the U.S. Flowers bloom, birds sing and life returns as the chill of winter subsides. Despite the budding all around us, many people find this to be a grueling time of the year. The holidays seem ages ago and summer vacation seems eons away. Oh, and those New Year’s resolutions, how are those coming along? I’d say it’s time for a booster shot to get us refocused, energized and taking actionable steps toward our goals again. 

Should You Keep Your Goals A Secret?

In 2006, I announced to my friends and family that I was going to attend graduate school. Indeed, in 2007 my dad and I drove my overstuffed car of belongings nearly 2,000 miles from Virginia to Arizona where I started my graduate program. In 2010 I announced to my wife and family that I was going to start my own business. That’s exactly what I did in 2011. However, some say we shouldn’t tell a soul the things we wish to achieve.

5:00 AM: Up And At ‘Em (How Incremental Change Made It Happen)

In 2011, I came face to face with a reality that all hard charging achievers encounter: there are only 24 hours in each day. Like many of you, I struggled to find an answer to the question, “How can I fit my ambitious expectations into those 24 hours?” The task seemed impossible. It was then that I decided the only solution was to get up earlier and rethink my morning routine in order to focus on key priority areas (thanks to Michael Hyatt and others). The next step was to figure out how to make that possible.