How To Get More Done with the Power of Wunderlist

A Tested Workflow Anyone Can Use

Staying organized and managing your to-do list is a challenge. There are a ton of systems and tools that claim to help you get more done. You can spend so much time shopping for a tool  you don’t get anything done. What really matters is finding a strategy that works for you.

The Search

I’ve tried a lot of different methods to keep track of all that I have to get done: sticky notes, to-do lists, outlook tasks, white boards, note pads, and apps (lots of apps). Many of these were suitable options. All had their limitations.

Why Imagery Needs to be Part of Your Routine

Why is it that the benefits of practice and preparation can evade us when it’s time to make the big play, close the deal or deliver the speech? Our muscles tighten, our tongues tie themselves in knots and we’re as awkward as a giraffe in puberty. Fear raises its nasty head, doubts creep in and all we can picture are the things that can go wrong. Has this ever happened to you?

5 Questions to Reinvent Your Morning Routine

Carpe Diam, seize the day, is one of my favorite adages. It is a value I hold, something to aspire to. This attitude begins first thing in the morning. I believe that how we start our day has a direct correlation with the value in the rest of our day. Thus, being intentional to develop a powerful morning routine is essential. 

How Can You Get Into The Zone More Consistently?

We’ve all heard of it, many of us have experienced it and all of us want more of it. I’m talking about “the zone.” Other terms for this are flow, peak performance, etc. Regardless, athletes refer to it in an illusive, mythical sense. Often, it seems we stumble into that special state, during which time stands still, our performance feels effortless, we are fully composed and our confidence is unshakable. Then, the instant we realize we’re in the zone, like the eye of a tornado, it’s gone. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be that way.