How To Help Athletes Embrace Nervousness – [Video]

When athletes misinterpret their nervous feelings it sabotages their performance. Coaches can help their athletes understand the purpose behind their nervous symptoms and begin to embrace nerves as excitement for the competition ahead. Embracing nervousness improves performance.

Mental Toughness Minute, Episode 2

The Mental Toughness Minute video series is dedicated to helping coaches build mental toughness in their athletes and teams.

How to Embrace Nervousness

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • What changed my view of nervousness
  • The consequences of an athlete misinterpreting his or her nerves
  • Two proven strategies to help athletes embrace nervousness
  • Practical tips coaches can use to help athletes change the way they interpret the typical signs of nervousness

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To help athletes understand their nerves are the body’s way of preparing for competition, I developed this free infographic for coaches to hang in the locker room: 5 Ways Your Body Prepares for Game Time.

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Help Your Athletes Embrace Nervousness

Now you know two proven strategies to help athletes embrace their nerves. The question is, how will you help your players do just that?

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